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We offer a wide variety of rhinestoned items. Choose from CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements Rhinestones, personalized dog collars, personalized flip flops, personalized key rings, personalized ball caps, shoe clips, rhinestone butterflies, rhinestone flowers, rhinestone sliders, Christmas pins, patriotic accessories, rhinestone stickers, rhinestone letters, rhinestoned gifts, jewelry, belts, hair items, halloween accessories, starter kits and more! Dreamtime Creations is your #1 rhinestone supply source!
  • Rhinestoned Key Chains

    Rhinestoned Key Chains
    Dreamtime Creations now offers personalized key rings! You get to choose the key ring that you want and the Rhinestone Charms to accessorize your key ring. We also offer personalized key chains with rhinestone initials. Order yours from Dreamtime Cre ... More »

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  • Rhinestone Charm Bracelets

    Rhinestone Charm Bracelets
    Personalized Rhinestone Charm Bracelets are a great way to accessorize and show your individual style! Dreamtime Creations carries rhinestone sliders, rhinestone charms and bracelets. We've got everything you need to make your personalized rhinestone ... More »

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  • Rhinestone Stretch Bracelets

    Rhinestone Stretch Bracelets
    Our rhinestone bracelets come in 1 row, 7 row and 10 row stretch. If you want a tennis bracelet without paying for diamonds, our rhinestone tennis bracelet is a great alternative! We've also got a great rhinestone stretch bracelet made up of 3 rhines ... More »

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  • Toe Rings

    Toe Rings
    My Diamondz Toe Rings are just the thing to add some sparkle to your feet! Crystal toe rings come in a variety of colors. Choose from crystal, aqua, amethyst, light sapphire, rose, jet, multi color and more rhinestone toe rings! Dreamtime Creations c ... More »

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  • Rhinestone Charms & Letters

    Rhinestone Charms & Letters
    Rhinestone Charm and Charm Bracelets are a great way to accessorize! Choose from rhinestone alphabet charms, rhinestone numeric charms or personalized charms and add them to one of our many charm bracelets, like jelly bracelets! Dreamtime Creations i ... More »

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  • Rhinestoned Gifts

    Rhinestoned Gifts
    Rhinestoned Gifts from Dreamtime Creations are the perfect way to give a unique, one of a kind gift! We offer crystallized make up brushes, CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements rhinestone picture frames, and more! Dreamtime Creations is your source for ... More »

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  • Jewelry, Belts & Hair Items

    Jewelry, Belts & Hair Items
    If you're looking for rhinestone jewelry and rhinestone accessories, look no further! Dreamtime Creations carries rhinestone earrings, rhinestone necklaces, rhinestone belts, rhinestone bracelets, rhinestone hair accessories, rhinestone pins, rhinest ... More »

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