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  • Clearance Items

    Clearance Items
    You will find quality at a great price in our clearance and overstocked items. You'll choose from Swarovski flatback rhinestones, Swarovski pointed back rhinestones, Swarovski rhinestone pins, Swarovski crystal magnets, Swarovski cube beads, rhinesto ... More »

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  • Gift Ideas

    Gift Ideas
    Crystal figurines from Swarovski make great gift ideas! Choose from Swarovski crysal magnets, Swarovski Chirstmas tree toppers, Swarovski crystal flowers, Swarovski crystal frogs, Swarovski crystal pianos, Swarovski crystal violin and bow, crystal pa ... More »

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  • Rare Swarovski Vintage

    Rare Swarovski Vintage
    We carry Rare Swarovski Vintage that will make your project stand out. Choose from Swarovski 34ss, Swarovski 4407, Swarovski 4410, Swarovski 4671, Swarovski 4841, Swarovski 4227, Swarovski 1122, Swarovski 1245, Swarovski 4100, Swarovski 4102, Swarov ... More »

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