Stickers & Tattoos

  • Rhinestone Stickers

    Rhinestone Stickers
    Our collection of Rhinestone Stickers includes a full alphabet as well as Swarovski Rhinestone Stickers! Swarovski Rhinestone Stickers come in several shapes- butterfly, crown, heart and star! Rhinestone Stickers are an easy way to add some sparkle t ... More »

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  • Rhinestone Tattoos

    Rhinestone Tattoos
    Rhinestone Tattoos are a fun way to express yourself! Our collection of rhinestone tattoos includes many shapes- diamond, circle, dollar sign, fish, flower, leaf, male, moon, star and swirl! Dreamtime Creations is your online rhinestone supply source ... More »

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  • Swarovski Crystal-It

    Swarovski Crystal-It
    Swarovski Crystal-It Rhinestone Stickers are available from Dreamtime Creations! These stickers have fun words or messages, like "boy," "girl," "happy birthday," "just married," and more! Order your Swarovski Crystal It Rhinestone Stickers from Dream ... More »

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  • New! Removable Stickers

    New! Removable Stickers
    Crystal Removable Rhinestone Stickers can be used to customize your bedroom, bathroom or classroom with artwork embellished with crystals (rhinestones)! Our crystal decals can be used on binders, laptops, vehicles and so much more! This self adhesive ... More »

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