Nailheads & Settings

Dreamtime Creations is your #1 supply source for rhinestone fasteners and nailheads. We offer a wide variety of fasteners and nailheads. You'll find conchos, jewelry fasteners, rhinestone snaps and eyelets, rhinestoned ornaments, tiffany settings, rims sets, nailheads and studs, iron on nailheads and rhinestone rivets. Dreamtime Creations has your fastener and nailhead supplies for your next rhinestone project!

  • Jewelry Settings

    Jewelry Settings
    Shop settings to build your own rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and more. Create beautiful custom jewelry from an evergrowing assortment of jewelry settings with prongs. Quick mount pinch type settings available soon.

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  • Jewelry Fasteners

    Jewelry Fasteners
    We carry both silver and gold colored jewelry fasteners. Our fasteners are the magnetic clasp style and have rhinestones one them. Order your jewelry fasteners from Dreamtime Creations today!

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  • Rhinestoned Ornaments

    Rhinestoned Ornaments
    Rhinestoned Ornaments are available in three varieties, including a cellini ring and round ornament with prongs. Browse our selection at Dreamtime Creations!

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  • Rhinestone Mini Brads

    Rhinestone Mini Brads
    Our Rhinestone Mini Brads come in a starter kit. The Rhinestone Mini Brad Starter Kit comes with assorted colors. You will get variety with the Rhinestone Mini Brad Starter Kit from Dreamtime Creations.

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  • Tiffany Sets

    Tiffany Sets
    Browse our selection of Tiffany Settings. We have both standard and long leg options. We carry a variety of tiffany rhinestone sets. Order from Dreamtime Creations, your number one online rhinestone supply source.

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  • Rim Sets

    Rim Sets
    We carry a variety of rims sets. We offer heavy duty for projects that require more reinforcement, as well as standard rim sets. Our rim sets come in a variety of shapes too: round, triangle, heart and oval. Browse our selection and order from Dreamt ... More »

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  • Nailheads & Studs

    Nailheads & Studs
    Whatever your need, we have the nailheads and studs for your project! Choose from pearl nailheads, star nailheads, ribbon nailheads, diamond shaped nailheads, triangle shaped nailheads, square shaped nailheads, cone nailheads, spiral nailheads, decor ... More »

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