Foot Glitz

Foot Glitz comes in many forms- Rhinestone Ankle Bracelets, Rhinestone Flip Flops, Rhinestone Shoe Clips and Rhinestone Toe Rings! Rhinestone Foot Glitz is the perfect way to dress up an outfit easily and inexpensively.
  • Ankle Bracelets

    Ankle Bracelets
    Malibu crystal stretch anklets are a wonderful way to show off your legs! Wear rhinestone ankle bracelets alone or with several anklets at once. Add some of our stackable crystal toe rings, and you are one glitzy beach babe!

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  • Flip Flops

    Flip Flops
    We've got everything you need for personalized flip flops. We carry rhinestone charms, buttons, buckles, shoe clips, and of course, flip flops! Why pay $100 or more for rhinestone flip flops when you can create your own for so much less? Order today ... More »

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  • Shoe Clips

    Shoe Clips
    Rhinestone Shoe Clips are a great way to glitz up your shoes or flip flops. Order a few so you can stick them on and switch them when you want to change! We have many varieties, like rhinestone shoe clips and pearl cabochon shoe clips. What an easy, ... More »

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  • Toe Rings

    Toe Rings
    Toe Rings from My Diamondz are a beautiful way to show off your feet! Wear one or stack them for even more bling and a very glitzy effect! My Diamondz are stacked with rhinestones. Available in many color options: Crystal, Aqua, Amethyst, Light Sapph ... More »

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