Dreamtime Crystal DC 2771 Kite Flat Back

The Dreamtime Crystal 2771 Kite Flat Back Rhinestone features a simple geometric shape designed to work in harmony with all of our geometrically aligned stones creating endless possibilities for designs.  This Kite shape is also fabulous as an accent stone to make your projects glitter and shine all on their own.  Combine DC 2771 with  DC 2772DC 2773DC 2776 and DC 2777 to create any number of fun and intricate designs, you'll discover that their edges (sides) are designed to match up together seamlessly.  Dreamtime has achieved exceptional sparkle and light refraction that allows you to shine bright.  DC 2771 Kite rhinestone crystals with a flat back can be applied using an adhesive. Transform any design with these geometric wonders into a brilliant design.