Setting for Fancy Rhinestone (Brooch Rhinestone)

Price Count Qty
$0.65 Each
$5.95 Dozen (12 pcs)
As low as .50 cents each!
Color Silver
Designed For
Size 14x10 mm
Type Oval
Finally! A way to secure your fancy (brooch) rhinestone to your project! A long time in coming, especially made for us! Simply place your brooch stone in the top and secure it with the 4 prongs, push the other prongs on the back through your item and bend over (the back prongs are approximately 7mm long or 1/4 inch) so they will attach to almost any leather item. Now you can have the sparkle and dazzle of the beautiful brooch items on your horse tack, belts, handbags, hats, etc.....These are imitation rhodium plated for a nice silver finish. This set holds Article # 4100, 4120 or 4140 14 x 10 mm ovals for a beautiful accent piece. DOES NOT INCLUDE THE RHINESTONE, ONLY THE SETTING.

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