Swarovski 2856 Skull Flat Back Crystal Metallic Light Gold 10x7.5mm

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$2.55 Each
$22.95 Dozen (12 pcs)
$94.83 72 Piece Bulk
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Article No 2856
Color Crystal Metallic Light Gold
Shape Skull
Size 10 x 7.5 mm
Swarovski 2856 Skull Flatback is a sure way to bring attention to your projects. It is one most interesting rhinestones Swarovski has designed. The skull can already be used as a design on its own, or it can be used for much more complex piece of art.

The skull is one of the most attractive and fashionable subjects around. But for some people, the skull means more than just another fashion idea, but rather a statement. With its simple yet iconic profile, profound meanings, and versatility, the skull will remain a fashion icon for a very long time.

Swarovski 2856 Skull Flat Back shown here is Crystal Metallic Light Gold 10x7.5mm.

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