Jenny Secret Crystal Adhesive #1 and Crystal Finisher #2 15ml

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Size 15 ml
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Developed by renowned celebrity nail artist Jenny Bui, @nailson7th. Jenny revealed her secret on how she adheres crystals/rhinestones on her clients' nails that lasts 3-5 weeks! No UV/LED gel lamp required. 1. Apply a drop of Crystal Adhesive #1 where you like to place the crystal. 2. Once you are satisfied with the placement of the crystal. Apply Crystal Finisher #2 around the crystal to seal in place.

Apply Step 1 where you would like

to place the stones, then place

stones. The glue will still be wet, so

the stones may move. Use step 2 to

dry the glue once your stones are in

place. No LED Light is required.

VERY IMPORTANT:  ALWAYS WIPE & CLEAN YOUR STEP 1 BOTTLE WITH ACETONE BEFORE CLOSING IT.  This will prevent the lid from adhering to the bottle.

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