Swarovski 2471 Cushion Cut Square Flatback Light Sapphire Shimmer 10mm

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$2.96 Each
$18.20 Dozen (12 pcs)
$84.72 72 Piece Bulk
As low as $1.18 each!
Article No 2471
Color Light Sapphire Shimmer
Shape Square
Size 10 mm
Type Flatback
UPC 9009655918662

The stunning Swarovski 2471 Cushion Cut Square flatback is very thin, elegant and lightweight, which makes it an elegant fit with dancesport, and easy to use.  This also makes it ideal for use in the beauty industry for nails, with the perfect sizes of 5mm, 7mm, and 10mm.  Due to its unique faceting, it offers extraordinary sparkle. 

The gem-cut Swarovski 2471 Cushion Flat Back is an extension of the popular Jewel Cut Flat Backs 2201, 2303, 2602. The completely symmetrical (although not round) shape looks amazing when used as the focal point of a motif. Ultra-thin, lightweight, and very elegant, it comes in a variety of sizes—including small 5mm, 7mm and 10mm versions—and works brilliantly on notice-me dance costumes, opulent nail art, and creative footwear as well as apparel designs. DIY aficionados will also value its ease of use. 

Shimmer Effects crystals create a heightened sensory experience, like the Northern Lights that inspired them. Each crystal shimmers with three shades of a single color that cast wave-like ripples of softly changing light reflections, accentuating every movement of the body. With a subtle coating that throws off a rainbow of multicolored refractions, Shimmer Effects are perfect for anything you design. It’s especially stunning for apparel and dance sport, refracting light as the body moves.

It features a classic gem cut inspired shape making it a great addition to the Jewel Cut Family which already includes articles 2201, 2303, and 2602.  

The Swarovski 2471 Cushion Cut Square flatback featured here is 10mm Light Sapphire Shimmer.

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