Artistic Wire®

Artistic Wire® provides high quality wire to the craft industry. They offer the most extensive line of colored wire. Our Permanently Colored Copper Wire and Silver Plated Wire is available in fifty five (55) colors and thirteen (13) gauges. We are proud to carry several of the items, if there is something else you would like, just let us know and we will bring it in for you!
  • ARTISTIC WIRE - Permanently Colored Copper Wire

    ARTISTIC WIRE - Permanently Colored Copper Wire
    ARTISTIC WIRE - 26 Gauge Artistic Wire is available in the largest selection of Standard Colors and in a variety of rich metallic and soft matte finishes. Choose colors that complement one another to achieve warm, colorful designs. Or, make a statem ... More »

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  • Artistic Wire® Mesh

    Artistic Wire® Mesh
    Artistic Wire Mesh is permanently colored copper wire woven into a mesh tube that’s been flattened, and is perfect for many different jewelry and craft fusion projects. Its hollow tubular design can be stretched, condensed, strung on, filled, tied, g ... More »

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