Magical Tray

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With just a shake, flat back stones will turn right side up, quickly and easily! The textured surface design of the tray uses friction to flip your stones just like magic! They'll turn flat side down ready to be put into place, saving you time and aggravation. The Magical Tray is designed for use with your favorite flat back stones up to size ss12. 1. Place stones in tray. A small number of stones works best. 2. Shake gently in a circular motion until the stones begin to turn over. If static prevents small beads from moving smoothly, nudge them closer to the center of the tray and try again. When you learn to shake the tray correctly most stones will quickly turn over, however, even after shaking properly some beads could remain upside-down. Intended for use with flat back rhinestones ss12 and smaller. Not suitable for acrylic rhinestones.

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