Swarovski 4933 Tilted Dice Fancy Stone Crystal Sahara 27mm

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$12.24 Each
$75.92 8 Piece Bulk
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Article No 4933
Color Sahara
Size 27 mm
Item No A4933MM27SAHARA
One of the three feature styles in the "Illusions" Tilted Collection, designed by Chris Bangle, the legendary former BMW designer. This tilted dice fancy stone, like the other two styles, take on crystal geometry that manages to exude both space and dimension, even while appearing intrinsically flat.

Well suited to a range of applications including pendant integration, the partly coated nature of each stone is the perfect basis for a wide variety of elaborate patterns. The back of the stone is not flat and is raised so it is ideal for application in a setting or casting. Available in a multiple of colors and sizes.

Swarovski 4933 Tilted Dice Fancy Stone shown here in Crystal Sahara 27mm.

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