Swarovski 2303 Pear Shaped Hotfix Aquamarine 14x9mm

Price Count Qty
$2.82 Each
$22.50 Dozen (12 pcs)
$104.61 72 Piece Bulk
As low as $1.45 each!
Article No 2303
Color Aquamarine
Shape Pear
Size 14 x 9 mm
Type Hotfix
Item No AHF2303MM14X9AQUA
UPC 9009652952041
Hot Fix stones have a heat activated glue already adhered to a foiled or unfoiled back. To apply these stones, the glue must be activated by heat and then applied to an appropriate material. In many instances, it may prove easier to use Hot Fix Rhinestones. Such as, when applying a large number of rhinestones or rhinestones in a specific pattern, in cases like these HotFix would likely save you time and your sanity.

Swarovski 2303 Pear Shaped Hotfix shown here in 14x9mm Aquamarine.

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