Swarovski 4928C Pendant Setting for Tilted Chaton Fancy Stone Silver 18mm

Price Count Qty
$11.37 Each
$145.46 24 Piece Bulk
As low as $6.06 each!
Article No 4928/C
Color Silver
Designed For 4928
Size 18 mm
Item No A4928CMM18SILVER
UPC 9009653622554
This 4928C Fancy Stone Pendant Setting with a ring is made of Tombac, a brass alloy and is designed for the Swarovski 4928 Tilted Chaton Fancy Stone. Just glue the stone into the setting with a top loop to create your own unique jewelry.

This 4928C Swarovski Pendant Setting is designed to fit Swarovski 4928 18mm.

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