Swarovski 4627 Large Rectangle Octagon Fancy Stone Burgundy 27x18.5mm

Price Count Qty
$8.43 Each
$80.92 Dozen (12 pcs)
$125.43 24 Piece Bulk
As low as $5.23 each!
Article No 4627
Color Burgundy
Shape Square/Rectangular
Size 27x18.5MM
Type Foiled / Cushion Back
Item No A4627MM27X18.5BURGUNDY
UPC 9003146021084
Swarovski 4627 Large Rectangles are also known as Brooch rhinestones and Chunky rhinestones. These heavily faceted rhinestones are widely used in pageantry, jewelry making and in western accents. We now have settings to attach these with by prongs and (on the way) settings so that you can sew them on!!!
These may now be set onto many of your favorite items using our exclusive, easy to use, nailhead settings.

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