Swarovski 4120 Oval Fancy Stone Crystal Lavender DeLite 18x13mm

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$4.65 Each
$44.64 Dozen (12 pcs)
$138.37 48 Piece Bulk
As low as $2.88 each!
Article No 4120
Color Crystal Lavender DeLite
Shape Oval
Size 18x13 mm
Type Cushion Back

The Oval Fancy Stone offers a classic shape, precise faceting pattern, and stunning brilliance. The application possibilities are varied: glue it onto flat surfaces and into adapted cavities, or place it in a sew-on or soldering setting. The Oval Fancy Stone is a wonderful addition to jewelry pieces or apparel. You could also use it with an epoxy clay to hold it in place such as ceralun.

Opaque finishes continue to be trend leaders, which makes Swarovski’s Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite Effects an exciting addition to the LacquerPRO family. In recognition of the increasing need to live sustainably and the consequent desire for more natural looks, these are now available in several landscape colors.

The classic oval fancy stone will provide your designs with that special look that only this traditional shape can provide. This item works well either on its own or surrounded by smaller stones. 

Swarovski 4120 Oval Fancy Stone shown here in Crystal Lavender DeLite.

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