Swarovski 4320 Pear Shaped Fancy Stone Crystal Lavender DeLite 14x10mm

Price Count Qty
$2.78 Each
$26.62 Dozen (12 pcs)
$247.55 Gross (144 pcs)
As low as $1.72 each!
Article No 4320
Color Crystal Lavender DeLite
Shape Pear
Size 14x10 mm
Type Cushion Back

The shape of the Swarovski 4320 Pear Fancy Stone, with its array of colors and effects, is timeless and can be used for virtually any design and a variety of application possibilities. No wonder this bestselling component has become a creative favorite for customers across a variety of industries. Use with our sew on or solder settings for even more application possibilities.  Can be used in jewelry, bridal, DIY, and costuming.

Opaque finishes continue to be trend leaders, which makes Swarovski’s Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite Effects an exciting addition to the LacquerPRO family. In recognition of the increasing need to live sustainably and the consequent desire for more natural looks, these are now available in several landscape colors.

The Swarovksi 4320 Pear Fancy Stone shown here is Crystal Lavender DeLite.

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