Swarovski 4799 Kaleidoscope Triangle Fancy Stone Crystal Peach DeLite 9.2x9.4mm

Price Count Qty
$3.22 Each
$27.60 Dozen (12 pcs)
$68.42 48 Piece Bulk
As low as $1.43 each!
Article No 4799
Color Crystal Peach DeLite
Shape Triangle
Size 09.2 x 9.4 mm
Type Cushion back

The Kaleidoscope Triangle Fancy Stone is a striking addition to any jewelry piece or accessory—perfect for creating covetable “instagrammable” looks. It’s suitable for setting, gluing and Ceralun, and there are also matching settings available, along with new easy-to-use glue-in settings with a ring on top, which will make them a hit with the DIY community. One of three classic shapes to be given this stunning new kaleidoscopic optic appearance, its unique look is generated through the use of Rivoli faceting on the reverse combined with generous facets on the front. The Kaleidoscope Triangle Fancy Stone is available in varying sizes—a contemporary embellishment that’s perfect for fashion and bridge jewelry. 

They can also be applied to nails using the Gummy Jelly.

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