Swarovski 4470 Cushion Cut Square Fancy Stone Aquamarine Ignite 18mm

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$6.05 Each
$58.04 Dozen (12 pcs)
$269.86 48 Piece Bulk
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Article No 4470
Color Aqua Ignite (Unfoiled)
Shape Rounded Square
Size 18 mm
Type Cushion back

Swarovski 4470 Cushion Cut Square Fancy Stone is a brilliantly elegant design. With its traditional gemstone cushion cut and rounded square edge look, it is an almost perfect embellishment to anything from nails to everyday wear or anything one can think of. The multifaceted design enhances the sparkle and shine of this stone. Use it in any project you want to really stand out. 

The purpose of the new Ignite effect is it highlights a crystal’s facets and sparkle without being foiled by having a mirror on the reverse side. 

You can now create fine jewelry looks using unfoiled crystals, yet without losing the intense sparkle on the front of the crystals.  Use your open back settings to create high-fashion designs.

You can find many sew-on settings and jewelry making settings online.

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The UNFOILED 4470 Pear Shaped Fancy Stone shown here is Aquamarine IGNITE.

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