Dreamtime Crystal DC 1400 Brilliant Round Stone Emerald 18mm

Dreamtime Crystal DC 1400 Brilliant Round Stone Emerald 18mm
Dreamtime Crystal DC 1400 Brilliant Round Stone Emerald 18mm
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Article No DC1400
Color Emerald
Country of Origin Austria
Shape Round
Size 18 mm
Type Foiled

The World's Brightest Rhinestone Crystal

The Dreamtime Crystal Verve Round Stone Collection marries the allure of a diamond with the flexibility of sustainable crystal. Glitter and gleam across the crowd and leave a lasting impression with your jewelry and artistic designs. Dreamtime has achieved exceptional sparkle and light refraction in the Verve Brilliant Round Cuts that can be demonstrated scientifically but is also evident to the naked eye. These brilliant round stones are perfect for use in many jewelry designs, both vintage and current styles.

Dreamtime Crystal DC 1400 Brilliant Round Stone Emerald 18mm are an excellent choice if you are looking for:

  • Crystals for jewelry 
  • Crystals for Casings
  • Crystals for Necklaces
  • Crystals for Bracelets
  • Crystals for Earrings
  • Crystals for Settings
  • Crystals for Seed Beads

The Dreamtime Crystal DC 1400 will never leave you without inspiration!

Crystal Design and Shape

The brightest crystal in the world, the DC 1400 is designed with a pointed back, making it easy to glue into your design cavities or use in epoxy clays, or to use in empty jewelry settings.  The DC 1400 is made with a crystal lead-free formula. With this refined formula and the latest stone cutting technology, the DC 1400 has been scientifically proven to shine brighter than any crystal in the world. 

Choosing Your Crystal Color

Dreamtime Crystal DC 1400 Brilliant Round Stone Emerald 18mm is also available in 10+ different colors. The Crystal color is the most popular color and is often referred to as the “clear” or “diamond” colored rhinestone. If you have seen an item blinged out in rhinestones, there is a very good chance that it was done with crystals from Dreamtime Creations. 

Choosing Your Crystal Size

Choosing the right size of brilliant round crystal is sometimes daunting as they come in so many sizes. See our crystal sizing chart to decide which is the best crystal size for your design. They range in sizes from 10mm to 18mm.

Application Tips & Tricks

1. Apply your glue to the surface area first, then place your crystals on top of the glue. 

2. Tools like tweezers, wax dop sticks, and the Crystal Katana, are really helpful in picking up and placing stones where you need them to go with precision.

Best Price Guarantee

Rest easy knowing you are getting a great selection of crystals and tools from Dreamtime Creations.  We keep a huge inventory in stock so we can ship right away and we always guarantee the best price, you can check out our Price Match Guarantee and buy with confidence.

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