Wholesale Application

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Welcome to the Dreamtime Creations Wholesale application!  If you do not already see the form below, please sign in to your Dreamtime Creations account, or create a new account here.

As a Dreamtime wholesale member, you will be granted exclusive discounted pricing for all of your orders above $100. Your account will be set to grant you this pricing 24/7, so you will no longer need to use coupon codes or other limited time offers for the best pricing!

As a wholesale member you will also receive member-only promotions not available to retail accounts.  These will come to you via email on the address you add below.

To create your account we will need a few things:

1. Federal Tax ID, or EIN Certificate, State ID #, Sellers Permit, Resale license, or Tax Exempt form (one of these items will suffice).

2. Your address and shipping information

3. Payment information

4. A copy of the 149 Sales / Use Tax Exemption Certificate if you are a Missouri, USA based company (disregard if not Missouri company).

Wholesale Application Form

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