Preciosa VIVA12 Hot Fix Rhinestones Czech

Preciosa is switching to the New Viva 12 which features the following:
A special glue-layer with a lower melting point (120°C; 248°F) – saving energy and offering fresh creative possibilities
New dark grey interlayer
Greater bond strength
Stronger adhesiveness to elastic fabrics

Thanks to the new low-melting adhesive, the Hot-Fix variant of the MC Chaton Rose VIVA12 can be very gently applied onto most textile materials. Our MC Chaton Rose VIVA12 are designed to ensure maximum smoothness and efficiency in your production process, thus minimizing production costs. Our innovated, low-melting adhesive layer on the bottom of the stones enables the use of all state-of-the-art heat-setting devices, with application times from 0,3 sec. per one stone

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