Crystalyzed Earrings for Dance Made with Dreamtime Crystal

This is a high-quality line of jewelry designed with dancers in mind!  We created this line with European made Alora chatons and with Dreamtime Crystal centerpieces to give you a high-quality shine for a lot less price.  These earrings are better constructed to hold up to the abuse put through by dancers. The needles going through the ears are .925 sterling silver to avoid allergy and other issues in the ear, so sometimes they bend, bend them right back, they are durable.  We create all colors except crystal and crystal ab here in-house at our Dreamtime Creations Application Center so we can give you over 70 colors to choose from, there are 5 sizes available in both post earrings and in clip-on earrings, literally giving you 100's of choices.  Be unique, get the color and sparkle you deserve with our beautiful Crystalyzed earrings by Dreamtime Creations.