Dreamtime Crystal Self-Adhesive Elements

Dreamtime Crystal Self-Adhesive Elements have a coating of a pressure-sensitive glue on the back, enabling swift, simple application.  This glue is activated by pressure (applied either by hand or rubber roller) and bonds with the carrier material.

Crystal-It Infinity and Synthetic-It Motifs are suitable for application on solid materials, while Coldfix is suitable for application on textile materials and leather (really just about anything we've tested it on, including hard surfaces such as laptops, mirrors, phone cases).

This is quite a breakthrough allowing us to apply beautifully customized designs with Dreamtime Crystal crystals on just about anything that we couldn't apply to before. You can get a quote for a custom decal by contacting us directly at transfers@dreamtimecreations.com.

Make your game day clear bag customized with these Dreamtime Crystal stickers and show off your beautiful Dreamtime Crystal custom bag... very easy to apply!

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