Dreamtime Crystal Coldfix Decals Self-Adhesive Stickers

These eye-catching, innovative Self-Adhesive elements come ready to apply with a glue-covered reverse side. Dreamtime Crystal Coldfix makes it easy to create fantastic designs. They allow for quick, easy application—just like a sticker.

Synthetic Coldfix was developed by Dreamtime Crystal to be used with heat- and pressure-sensitive materials not suitable for Hotfix Application, such as silk, cashmere, wool, genuine and artificial leathers and fabrics treated with a water-repellent coating, like Lycra® and neoprene. It’s a highly effective adhesive that makes it possible to apply Synthetic products to delicate fabric surfaces in an instant.

These are a great way to customize your umbrella, laptop, phone case, computer monitor, backpack, handbag, clear gameday bags, just about anything!

If you are applying to something, such as a leather backpack, please allow 48 hours for the glue to adhere properly for a permanent hold.

We can create your own custom decal with your logo or whatever design you can imagine. Please contact us at transfers@dreamtimecreations.com to receive a custom quote.

Watch the video on how to apply these with a rubber roller (wallpaper roller).

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