Silicone Board Aid for Designing Transfers

Silicone Board Aid for Designing Transfers
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One of my favorite tools is the Silicone Board Aid for Designing Transfers.  It works so awesome for making your own transfer with hotfix crystals that you can then apply with your iron or with a heat press.  You just lay it over your project, add the crystals wherever you want them, easiest done with a Crystal Katana or other pick up tool, then when you have everything how you want it, you just lay a sheet of Transfer Paper (also called Mylar) over it to pick them all up at once.  You then lay that transfer in place on your textile, and iron or heat press it on!  So easy and makes using the bigger stones and odd shapes so easy.  We use it to make all of our designs that we just want one or two of or anything that is complicated like the big banners that we display.

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