Rhinestones - Fancy

  • Fancy Navettes

    Fancy Navettes
    Swarovski Elements Fancy Navettes Rhinestones are available in Swarovski Elements 4200, Swarovski Elements 4200/2, Swarovski Elements 4227 and Swarovski Elements 4231. Swarovski Elements are the top of the line in rhinestone quality!

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  • Fancy Ovals

    Fancy Ovals
    Fancy Ovals Rhinestones are available in SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4100, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4120, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4127, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4140, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4161, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4196 as well as Acrylic Lead Free Rhinestones.

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  • Fancy Pears

    Fancy Pears
    Fancy Pear Rhinestones are available in SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4300, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4300/2, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4320, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4327 and German Acrylic Lead Free Rhinestones. Order from Dreamtime Creations today!

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  • Fancy Rounds

    Fancy Rounds
    SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 1201 Crystals are a beautifully faceted round stone. Use with our nailhead settings, sew on settings or our interchangeable pendant for one of a kind pieces! Order SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS online from Dreamtime Creations today!

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  • Fancy Squares/Rectangles

    Fancy Squares/Rectangles
    Fancy Squares/Rectangles Rhinestones come in CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements 4439 Square Rings, 4447 Princess Squares, 4461 Machine Cut Classical Squares, 4470 Square Rhinestones, 4547 Princess Baguettes, 4565 Classical Baguettes, 4581 Stage Cut ... More »

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  • Other Fancy Stones

    Other Fancy Stones
    Dreamtime Creations has the largest selection of Fancy Rhinestones! Choose from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4723 Vintage Triangles, 4727 Triangles, 4728 Vintage Moon Shape, 4739 Fancy Cosmic Rhinestones, 4745 Star Rhinestones, 4756 Flatback Galactic Stones, 4 ... More »

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