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Fancy Squares/Rectangles

Fancy Squares/Rectangles Rhinestones come in CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski 4439 Square Rings, 4447 Princess Squares, 4461 Machine Cut Classical Squares, 4470 Square Rhinestones, 4547 Princess Baguettes, 4565 Classical Baguettes, 4581 Stage Cut Flat Fancy Stones, 4582 Step Cut Fancy Stones, 4583 Graphic Flat Fancy Stones, 4584 Chessboard Flat Fancy Stones, Large Rectangles, 4675 Large fancy squares, 4841 Cube Rhinestones, Fancy Space Cut Rhinestones, Rectangular Rhinestones, CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Square Rhinestones and Acrylic Lead Free Rhinestones. Dreamtime Creations has the largest selection of Fancy Square and Rectangle Rhinestones!