Dreamtime Creations is your #1 trim supply! We offer a wide variety of trim and accessories for all types of projects. Choose from lace trim, rhinestone trims, beaded trims, rhinestone chain. rhinestone banding, rhinestone buttons, sequin numbers, rhinestone belt buckles, rhinestone clasps, rhinestone zippers, rhinestone appliques, iron-on appliques, sequin appliques and beaded fringe. Dreamtime Creations is sure to carry trim for your next project!
  • Crystal Fabric by Swarovski

    Crystal Fabric by Swarovski
    This eye-catching and innovative prouct consists of a carrier material that is completely covered by millions of tiny cut and round crystals. It is elastic, tear resistant and extremely light. The carrier material features low temperature glue so tha ... More »

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  • Crystal Mesh by SWAROVSKI

    Crystal Mesh by SWAROVSKI
    Crystal Mesh by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

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  • Lace Trim

    Lace Trim
    Our trim collection features several beautiful lace pieces with pearls, sequins and/or crystals/rhinestones. They vary in size from very tiny up to inches wide. Dreamtime Creations is your number one online source for trim!

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  • Rhinestone Trims

    Rhinestone Trims
    Browse our online selection of Rhinestone Trims! We have beautiful rhinestone trim by the yard. The Rhinestone Trim comes with crystal rhinestones with silver beading and sets. The rhinestones are Czech stones (rose montees) sewn into the banding - v ... More »

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  • Sequin Numbers

    Sequin Numbers
    Get beautiful sequin numbers to help support your favorite player or display your graduating year! Our sequin numbers are 6 inches tall and have 4 rows of silver sequins with the outside edge made up of silver beads for a nice finish. You can either ... More »

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  • Beaded Trims

    Beaded Trims
    Dreamtime Creations carries beaded trim for every project! We have rhinestone beaded trim and bugle beaded trim. Choose from sapphire beads, black beads, gold beads, red beads and silver beads. Our beaded trim will add a lot of sizzle to your dance c ... More »

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  • Iron On Rhinestone Banding by the Yard

    Iron On Rhinestone Banding by the Yard
  • Rhinestone Ornaments

    Rhinestone Ornaments
  • Rhinestone Banding

    Rhinestone Banding
    We carry so many different rhinestone bandings that we can't name them all here. Browse through our Fancy Rhinestone Banding, Rhinestone Banding with Colored Stones, Rhinestone Banding with Net attached, Stretch Rhinestone Banding and Swarotex Rhines ... More »

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  • Rhinestone Appliques

    Rhinestone Appliques
    Rhinestone Appliques are the perfect addition to any outfit or costume! Choose from crosses, hearts, stars, crowns, flowers and so much more. Dreamtime Creations always has the rhinestones that you'll need for your next project!

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  • Bugle Beaded Trim

    Bugle Beaded Trim
    What costume is complete without some trim? Dreamtime Creations has a wide variety of trim so you can put the finishing touches on your costume! Dreamtime Creations is your source for rhinestones and beads!

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  • Sequin Appliques

    Sequin Appliques
    We carry a large supply of sequin and beaded appliqués for your every need! Choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including ties, patriotic, horses, butterflies and stars. Sequin and beaded appliqués add sparkle to any outfit or costume! Dr ... More »

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