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Dreamtime Creations is your #1 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Bead supply source, including the popular SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 5301 and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 5000! Also check out our Preciosa Beads, crystal beads, rhinestone beads, rondelles, squaredelles, bicone beads, hearts, flowers, butterflies, oblong beads, round beads, spacer beads, cube beads and bugle beads.

  • Mediteranean Beads

    Mediteranean Beads
  • Swarovski Beads

    Swarovski Beads
    Swarovski Beads offer the very best in quality! Our Swarovski crystal beads come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. We have Swarovski crystal beads 5328, 5000, 5601, 5040, 5515 and many more. Some are bicone beads and round beads, and some bea ... More »

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  • Swarovski BeCharmed & Pave Beads

    Swarovski BeCharmed & Pave Beads
    Swarovski introduced into the market in March of 2015, beautiful new Pave Beads featuring crystals from Swarovski!  Great to use as a charm or pendant, these would make wonderful additions to just about any creation! Swarovski BeCharmed beads ... More »

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  • Lucite Beads

    Lucite Beads
    German Handcrafted Beads - Lucite Bonbon Beads and Lucite Martini Beads Lots of creative and beautiful new designs will be made with these gorgeous new beads!

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  • Bugle Beads

    Bugle Beads
    Our bugle beads are mostly sold by the hank, which is a bundle of strands of bugle beads. Each hank has approximately 1250 bugle beads. We have the most color options in the #2 Bugle Beads, but also offer other colors in 5mm bugle beads, 9mm bugle be ... More »

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  • Filigree Beads

    Filigree Beads
    Filigree beads are a hot trend in crystal jewelry! Crystal (rhinestone) encrusted beads with beautifully filigreed patterns will make your designs one of a kind!

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  • German and Other Assorted Beads & Pendants

    German and Other Assorted Beads & Pendants
    German and Other Assorted Beads and Pendants, this section contains assorted beads and pendants collected over the years, so look here for something different! Some of this are very rare.

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  • Pony Beads & Supplies

    Pony Beads & Supplies
    Pony Beads and Suede Lace-popular for lots of craft projects!

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  • Preciosa Beads

    Preciosa Beads
    Preciosa follows centuries old Bohemian glass traditions to ensure vibrant quality and incredible value in every genuine crystal produced. Preciosa Crystal Beads are an inexpensive bead option for those that choose to be thrifty but still be creative ... More »

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  • SWAROVSKI 37903 Bead Caps

    SWAROVSKI 37903 Bead Caps
    A gorgeous way to create something different...a variety of colors available in these beautiful SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS bead caps featuring 1028 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Chatons.

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  • TOHO™ Beads

    TOHO™  Beads
    These precision made Japanese beads are some of the finest in the world. The color and size consistency makes these TOHO™ Beads great for any of your beading projects!

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  • Thread, Cords & Wires

    Thread, Cords & Wires
    Beading Thread, Cords & Wires

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  • Needles & Thread Conditioners

    Needles & Thread Conditioners
    Needles, Beeswax and Thread Heaven

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  • Rhinestone Beads

    Rhinestone Beads
    Our Rhinestone Beads are the high quality that you come to expect from Dreamtime Creations. We have some Rhinestone Beads that are completely encrusted in rhinestones, and other Rhinestone Beads that have a ring of rhinestones around them. All of our ... More »

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  • Rondelles & Squaredelles

    Rondelles & Squaredelles
    Squaredelles and Rondelles are great beads that give a unique look. Our squaredelles have CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements Crystal fashioned together into a square shape component. The metal finish is very durable and resists tarnishing. Let us kno ... More »

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  • Silver Beads

    Silver Beads
    Silver Beads from Dreamtime Creations are acrylic beads. These acrylic beads are an inexpensive way to accent your beaded project. We have silver round beads with a hole through the center, silver round beads with one ring, silver round beads with tw ... More »

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  • Wildly Bohemian Bead Kits

    Wildly Bohemian Bead Kits
    Wildly Bohemian Bead Kits These kits includes 10 - 2.5 inch tubes of quality TOHO seed beads and a coordinating mix of Czech fire polish and pressed glass shapes.

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