Kellie DeFries

Award-Winning Master Designer Kellie DeFries is the owner of leads a team of highly skilled artists in today's best crystallization processes. For years, Kellie has provided her creativity and expertise to the world's best crystallization companies. Bling-String, Crystal Icing, LetsCrystalit, and world-renown Bling-My-Thing have turned to Kellie for her amazing designs, flawless technique, and world-class customer service.

As the Chief Designer for the US division of Bling-My-Thing, Kellie received her crystallization certification after extensive training in BMT's Berlin studios. BMT is the only company backed by Swarovski of Europe, and Kellie is the only licensed artist for BMT in the United States. She personally takes care of each client, and offers a 1-year guarantee on all work.


3rd Place — Professional Category, “SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS from Create-Your-Style. Kellie is the only artist to receive this prestigious award for her design using solely Flat Back 2028 crystals.



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