Crystal Club FAQs

Who is eligible for the crystal club program?
The Crystal Club program is not available to Wholesale and Bulk Wholesale customers since products purchased in bulk are already deeply discounted.

Everyone else is eligible and no minimum purchase is necessary.
How do I join the crystal club program?
On step 3 of the checkout you have the option to join the crystal club program. (You don't have to do anything because the checkbox is pre-checked).
How long to Crystal Club points last?
Crystal Club points are valid for one year and expire after that time.
How do you earn crystal club reward points?
For every dollar a Crystal Club member spends, points are accumulated.
How many points do I earn for each purchase?
Currently for every dollar you spend, 2 crystal club reward points are earned.
How do I spend my reward points?
You can spend points by visiting the crystal club products here.

You'll see a message at the top that shows you how many points you have. Simply add a crystal club reward product to your cart. If the product you added exceeds your total points, you'll get a notification on the cart.