Dropshipping FAQs

What is Dropshipping?
Dropshipping is a way of fulfilling your orders without having to physically keep a stock of the products. We do that for you! When you get an order, you place it on our site and we ship it directly to your customer!
How do I sign up for Dropshipping?
All of our wholesale customers have access to place dropshipped orders. Go to the Wholesale Application page to apply.
How much does it cost?
IT’S FREE! When you become a Dreamtime Creations Wholesale Partner, you automatically get discounted pricing for over 30,000 products. Post the products on your store and mark up your prices based on how much you want to make.
What products can I sell on my site?
You can sell all of our loose crystal and bead products from brands like Swarovski, Alora, Preciosa, Game Time Bling, Crystalyzed, and Spark!

Some brands you cannot offer for sale on your own site include:
- Swarovski Collections (jewelry, ornaments, figurines, and accessories)
- Swarovski Optik (binoculars and scopes)