Swarovski 2200 Navette Flat Back Amethyst Volcano 8 x 4 mm

Price Count Qty
$7.50 Dozen (12 pcs)
$60.02 Gross (144 pcs)
$116.30 2 1/2 Gross (360 pcs)
As low as .32 cents each!
Article No 2200
Color Amethyst Volcano
Shape Navette/Diamond
Size 8x4 mm
UPC 9009655363073
This item is special production from Swarovski

The Navette Flat Back's delicate shape and intricate cut perfectly accentuate the streamlined appearance of this highly versatile component. Choose from different colors and add a beautiful sparkle to any design, whether it is a fashion piece, an accessory, an interior design element, or even a DIY creation. The simple, modern shape of the Navette Flat Back will always add this special ingredient to every piece.

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