Swarovski 6106 Pear Shaped Pendant Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer 22mm

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Article No 6106
Color Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer
Shape Pear
Size 22 mm
UPC 9009653956116
With a pure, classic form resembling a tear of joy, the Pear-Shaped Pendant is a timeless component. Its hole's gently rounded entry and exit points not only reduce wear on the thread, but also facilitate a range of application possibilities across different segments. The regular faceting of this modern cut ensures the highest level of brilliance, and the variety of colors and effects make it a perfect match for almost any design.

Swarovski 6106 Pear Shaped Pendant shown here in 22 mm Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer.

Shimmer effect adds more brilliance, color vibrancy and unique light refractions to your projects. Softer, more elegant shimmer that radiates 3 shades of a single color.

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