Swarovski 1088 XIRIUS Chaton Crystal 50mm

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$19.66 Each
$34.41 2 Piece Bulk
As low as $17.20 each!
Article No 1088
Color Crystal
Shape Round
Size 50 millimeters = 1.96850394 inches
Item No A1088MM50CRY

Swarovski introduces the 1088 XIRIUS Chaton - Brilliance Redefined! The science of the cut and the celebration of crystal as high art come together in article 1088 XIRIUS Chaton, Swarovski's most brilliant ever crystal element! A merging of a multi-layered gemstone-like cut with rich, varied color and Platinum Pro foiling for exception durability, this article takes crystal one step closer to the diamond. Made according to the ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard, the new DNA of crystal, so it both exceeds today's most demanding industry requirements and anticipates those of tomorrow. Brilliance that you can see and measure at first sight. 2.5 times brighter than the 1028. Faceting is the key to crystal's sparkle-and sparkle in turn, is the essence of its irresistibility. 2 times greater longevity. To ensure that customers are given a vast number of creative options, XIRIUS 1088 is available in a wide range of colors and effects whose depth and variety widely surpass those of top-quality cubic zirconia.

This is the perfect size to hold in your hand to shoot photos of nails, or to use in displays to draw attention to your jewelry, for a conversation piece as a paperweight on your desk, it's a stunning piece of crystal, everyone should have at least one!  Almost a full 2 inches across! (1.9685 to be exact)

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