Swarovski 1028 XILION Chaton Light Rose Shimmer PP7

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$9.23 Gross (144 pcs) - 1 to 9
$57.13 10 Gross (1,440 pcs)
As low as .04 cents each!
Article No 1028
Color Light Rose Shimmer
Shape Round
Size pp07 (1.35-1.40 mm)
Type Pointed Back

The patent-protected cut of the Swarovski 1028 Xilion Chaton offers an exceptional brilliance for a refined and elegant look. The various layers of alternating surfaces and angles guarantee a perfect refraction and intense light distribution. The 1028 Xilion Chaton features Swarovski’s unmatched X-Cut technology and is based on scientific standards that were developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and used for the grading of diamonds. The premium cut, which is based on advanced optical measurement and high-precision manufacturing, creates a unique level of brilliance in the Swarovski 1028 Xilion Chaton. 

Shimmer Effects crystals create a heightened sensory experience, like the Northern Lights that inspired them. Each crystal shimmers with three shades of a single color that cast wave-like ripples of softly changing light reflections, accentuating every movement of the body. With a subtle coating that throws off a rainbow of multicolored refractions, Shimmer Effects are perfect for anything you design. It’s especially stunning for apparel and dance sport, refracting light as the body moves. 

Swarovski stones feature their beautiful Platinum-colored Pro Foiling which is a silver mirror finish coated with a platinum-colored protective layer of the highest quality.  The Platinum Pro Foiling is resistant to environmental damage from chlorine, saltwater, and perfume, it can also withstand processes such as soldering and electroplating, giving it unprecedented durability.

Extremely popular for jewelry, this product can be glued in, set in with prongs, and also works great with Ceralun all using a Crystal Katana to make it easier to pick up and place the stone. 

The Swarovski 1028 Round Rhinestones (chatons) with Platinum-colored Pro foiling are available in a huge variety of sizes, colors and special effects. 

Shown here in Light Rose Shimmer, PP7 (1.38 mm).

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