Swarovski 2088G XIRIUS Rose Flat Back (Partly Frosted) Crystal SS20

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$7.31 1/2 Gross (72 pcs)
$9.31 Gross (144 pcs) - 1 to 9
$77.19 10 Gross (1,440 pcs)
As low as .05 cents each!
Article No 2088/G
Coating Partially Frosted
Color Crystal Partially Frosted
Shape Round
Size ss20 (4.60-4.80 mm)
Type Foiled
Item No A2088GSS20CRY
The Swarovski 2088/G Flatback Crystal is a round crystal, partially frosted, that you can use for adding intense sparkle to just about any surface. Also known as a Swarovski Rhinestone Crystal, or a Swarovski Xirius Rose crystal, the Swarovski 2088 is the most advanced flat back crystal in the world. These are very popular for wedding crystals, ball room dance, Irish Dance, bringing and costume design.

The Brightest Crystal in the World

The 2088 is designed with a flat surface on the back side, making it easy to glue your designs in many different places. An improvement on the Swarovski 2058 and Swarovski 2028 crystals, the 2088 is made with the Advance Crystal lead-free formula. With this refined formula and the latest stone cutting technology, the Swarovski 2088 has been scientifically proven to sparkle brighter than any crystal in the world.

Crystal Color

Swarovski crystals come available in over 150 different colors. The Crystal color is the most popular color, and is often referred to as the “clear” or “diamond” colored rhinestone. If you have seen an item decked out in Swarovski crystal, there is a very good chance that it was done in the crystal color. This one has the new partially frosted look.

Choosing the Right Size of Flatback Crystal

The 20ss Crystal size is very good for general flat backing and surface covering. About the size of a hole punch, this size is great for covering large surfaces in faster time while keeping a detailed amount of sparkle.

The 2088 Swarovski Crystal is currently available in sizes 12ss - 48ss. Large sizes in 30ss and 48ss are excellent for adding impressive accents to your jewelry and accessories, while smaller sizes such as 10ss – 20ss are great for fine detail and fill work. See our crystal sizing chart to decide which is the best crystal size for your design.

Choosing the Right Adhesive for Applying Flatback Crystals

The right choice for adhesive depends greatly on the surface you will be applying the stone to. For cotton and synthetic fabrics, the Dreamtime Creations Gemtac Adhesive is a great option, which will hold up through many washer and dryer exposures. E6000 adhesive is also a very popular choice for adhering to fabrics and hard surfaces,
If you plan on applying flatback crystals to fabric only, consider the Swarovski 2038 and 2058 HotFix Crystals, which come pre-manufactured with a small amount of dried adhesive on the back. Adhesives on Hot Fix crystals are activated with a Hot Fix application tool or heat press. Hot fix stones make a great choice for making crystal transfers and appliqués.

If you are applying the 2088 to a metal, glass, or other hard plastic surface, a two-part epoxy is a great solution. Two-Part rhinestone epoxy offers durability and strong bonds to nonporous surfaces because of the chemical reaction that takes place during the hardening process.

Applying Swarovski crystal rhinestones to leather is best done by first creating a rivet metal surface on your leather surface, and then adhering the crystal over that metal rivet. This is easily accomplished with the Swarovski Crystal Applicator tool and metal rivets. For more tips on applying crystal to leather, see our Leather Crystal Application page.

Crystal Application Tips and Tricks

1. If you are using Gemtac, E6000 or Two-Part epoxy glues for your project, it is really helpful to use a small syringe for distributing your glue. This helps in getting the perfect amount of glue in the areas you need without extra glue bleeding out on the back side of your crystal. For crystals ss12 to ss20 only a small dot about the size of a toothpick is required.
2. Apply your glue to the surface area first, then place your crystals on top of the glue.

3. When applying a large group of crystals to a surface, work in rows from left to right so that you can straighten the edges design as you go.

4. Tools like tweezers, wax dop sticks and the Crystal Katana, are really helpful in picking up and placing stones where you need them to go with precision.

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