Debra Jue - Spanish Costume

   Debra Jue made this Spanish costume for her daughter's talent competition. A lot of little details went into making this beautiful dress.

From Debra:

"I made this Spanish costume for my daughters talent competition in July of this year. There are 998 stones ann hand placed. 18 yards of white mosquito net that I dyed yellow. 5 yards of orange/red organza, 3 yards of orange net, 36 yards of lace, and 3/4 yard of red silk for the bodice. The front of the bodice is embelished with 3 18x13 Ruby Oval Rose Cut stones, 24 13x8 Topaz, 170 20ss Topaz, 12 30ss Topaz, 8 30ss Siam, 212 20ss Siam, 72 20ss Fire Opal. The back of the bodice is embelished with 4 30ss Topaz, 44 20ss Topaz, 24 20ss Siam, 2 30ss Siam, and 2 13X8 Topaz. The Bodice lace is trimed with 44 alternating Topaz, Siam , and Fire Opal in 20ss. The skirt lace is trimed with 331 alternating Topaz, Siam ,and Fire Opal in 30ss."


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