Stacy Lynch - "All Star" Cheerleading Logo

   Stacy made this sparkling logo for a fundraising event for her daughter's cheerleading team.

From Stacy:

"Hi, This is the logo for my daughters All-Star Cheerleading team ....Florida Top Dog All-Atars I put this on a sweatshirt to donate to an auction the gym holds to raise money for their scholarship fund. The money is used to help pay fees for the "Special needs Team" (children with disabilities) or athletes that families struggle with the high cost of cheerleading... This is the Gym's Logo It has almost 1000 crystals in various sizes(lost count around 950) Clear in 16ss, 12ss 8ss Capri Blue in 16ss 12ss, 10ss Black diamond in 16ss, 12ss, 10ss I started purchasing crystals for fun and making very simple designs about 5 years ago or so....I just do it for fun and gifts, I also make items for my daughters allstar team and highschool cheerleading team...I blinged their high school uniforms with CRYSTAL and SUN this year and they are the sharpest looking cheerleaders in the district....I do it for fun and donate most items or sell most at cost just to get my money back to purchase more BLING."



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